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  • Koslow Scientific Thermoelectric Alloy Sorter

    The TE-3000 Thermoelectric Alloy Sorter from Koslow Scientific Co. is used to inspect critical piping, flanges, tanks, bearings and finished parts.

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    How It's Made: Architectural Mesh

    Cambridge Architectural, Cambridge, Mass., manufactures its metal mesh in these steps.

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    Capital Safety DBI-SALA 50-Foot Sealed-Blok Lifeline

    The new DBI-SALA 50-Foot Sealed-Blok Self-Retracting Lifeline from Capital Safety features a 420-pound weight capacity, FAST-Line field replaceable lifeline and dual-mode rescue capability.

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    Solatube International Metal Roof Flashing

    Solatube International Inc.’s new Metal Roof Flashing features a round-edge, leak-proof design that reduces the exposed surface area by 50 percent compared to traditional flashings.


    McNichols Aura

    McNichols’ Aura stainless steel wire mesh was used as guardrail infill panels in the pedestrian connector system in the atrium at Yale University’s Rosenkranz Hall.

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    GKD Sambesi

    Oslo’s mountain, Holmenkollen, boasts a ski jump clad with stainless steel woven metal mesh.

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    Cascade Coil

    The Impulse nightclub features a translucent backdrop of Aurora Borealis from Cascade Coil Drapery.

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    Chicago Metallic MetalScapes

    Chicago Metallic Corp. has introduced MetalScapes Wire Metal Mesh ceiling panels.

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    Outwater Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth

    Outwater Plastics Industries + Architectural Products by Outwater has introduced stainless steel woven wire cloth.

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    Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROPP 150

    Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Drive PROPP150 auto-feed screw driving system uses collated screw strips to eliminate fastener waste and provide a strong connection.

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    Knight Wall Systems CI-Girt

    Knight Wall Systems Inc. has launched the CI-Girt, a rainscreen system that accommodates continuous rigid insulation on the exterior to increase a structure’s energy efficiency.

  • OMG Height Adjustable Strut Model PipeGuard

    OMG has introduced the Height Adjustable Strut Model PipeGuard for applications requiring support for multiple small pipes in one location.

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    Moz Designs Decorative Panels

    Móz Designs’ decorative perforated panels are constructed from 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum and are designed for use in interior retail and commercial applications.

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    Dri-Design Ombrae Technology

    Dri-Design has introduced Ombrae Imaging Technology, which uses computer software to cut 3-D pixels into Dri-Design panels.

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    Metl-Span CFR Retro-Seam

    Metl-Span has introduced the CFR Retro-Seam, an insulated metal standing seam roof panel that features the Roof Hugger sub-purlin system.

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    Citadel Architectural Products Envelope 2000 D-RV

    Citadel Architectural Products Inc. has introduced its Envelope 2000 D-RV, a deep-reveal attachment system that combines shop-fabricated and field-assembled methods.

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    Chemetal Tints Collection

    Refreshed for 2010 with 11 new colors, the Tints Collection from Chemetal offers updated palettes.

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    MetalTech-USA MT Select Series

    MetalTech-USA’s MT Select Series Zinc flat lock panels comprise six different zinc interlocking tiles that are pre-manufactured and stocked in the warehouse.

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    Centria FormaBond II

    Centria has introduced FormaBond II, a complete metal composite wall system that is installation ready and lightweight.

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    Chicago Metallic SpanAir

    Chicago Metallic has introduced SpanAir Plank Ceiling Systems, SpanAir Clip-in Ceiling Panels and SpanAir Torsion Spring Ceiling Panels.

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    OMG Roofing Products EverSeal Roof Repair

    The EverSeal Roof Repair Tape by OMG Roofing Products can be used on a variety of architectural metal and construction materials.

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    Capital Safety Portable Guardrail System

    Capital Safety has updated its portable guardrail system to feature lightweight bases with ergonomic handles, four rail receptacles and built-in toe-board brackets that allow many configurations.

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    Atas International Versa-Seam and Versa-Lok

    Atas International’s two new horizontal wall panels—Versa-Seam and Versa-Lok—are designed to offer architectural appeal in a horizontal configuration.

  • Wall Panels

    Metal wall panels are among the most widely used products in the metal construction and architecture industry.

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    Laminate System Accommodates Sizes

    Sheffield Metals International?s SOLR solar standing seam roof system comes in 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 120 kilowatt standard system sizes.

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    Laminate System Is Lightweight

    Whirlwind Solar's laminate system weighs in at less than 1 pound per square foot.

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    Series Integrates Technology and Metal

    Petersen Aluminum has introduced the PAC Solar Series, which integrates photovoltaic technology with the durability of a standing seam metal roof.

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    Save Money on Solar Installations

    PV Powered Inc. has introduced the PowerVault, a turn-key, fully customizable DC-to-medium voltage platform that saves money on multi-megawatt solar installations.

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    Solar Shingle Harnesses Sun Power

    Dow Solar Solutions Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle installs and performs like a standard asphalt shingle while drawing upon the sun?s power to offset a portion of a home?s energy use.

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    Solar Panels Reduce Electric Needs

    Andalay AC solar panels generally are installed on south-facing rooftops or in a backyard area.

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    Kit Eases Solar Panel Installation

    The S-5 PV Kit from S-5! is a rail-free, metal roof solar panel installation assembly.

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    Insulated Solar System Offered

    Metl-Span has introduced the CFR Insul-Solar comprehensive insulated solar standing seam roof system.

  • Metal + Solar

    Metal construction already is seen as a cost-effective, efficient building solution that easily can be fitted or adapted to meet sustainable building goals through the use of solar products.

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    Stand Provides Easy Transport

    The Industrial Metal Master 20 Model IM1055 features Master Stand EZ-Go, along with Lock Master castings, providing up to 25 percent more clamping pressure.

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    Technology Prevents Gear Damage

    Makita's 4 1/2-, 5- and 6-inch angle grinders are equipped with Super Joint System technology to disengage the gears from the motor if the wheels catch or bind.

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    Product Family Is Launched

    DeWalt's 12 Volt MAX Lithium Ion platform includes nine components in a system designed to handle a variety of drilling, fastening and measuring applications.

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    Seamer Is Versatile

    The Rollformer Corp.'s SSX Seamer is designed for 22-gauge steel and 0.020-inch aluminum applications in 1- and 1 1/2-inch standing seam.

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    Safety Harness Doesn’t Tangle

    Capital Safety?s Exofit NEX Full Body harness utilizes an ?X? design that wraps around the user for tangle-free security while the vertical torso buckles for a non-slip adjustment of shoulder straps.

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    Grinder Has Adjustable Guard

    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has introduced its 4 1/2-inch Small Angle Grinder, which features a tool-free adjustable guard.

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    Tool Is Battery Powered

    The small, lightweight, battery-powered Bosch PS70 Metal Shear cuts sheet metals up to 18-gauge in thickness and holes as small as 1/2 inch in diameter.

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    Table Improves Accuracy

    Swenson Shear?s Snap Table 8000 combines the features of its previous ST7000 model with a sliding rail system and rollformer interface kit.

  • The Right Tools

    The job site is a hectic place. Staying on track and on task requires having access to the right kinds of tools.

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    Measuring Device Attaches to Saw

    New Bedford Tool & Gauge Co.’s SawGear is a portable measuring device that attaches to a miter saw to provide repeatable accurate cuts for contractors.

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    Ventilator Removes Heat

    Moffitt Corp.’s Labyrinth ventilation system is a natural ventilator that removes heat and allows light in without letting rain or snow inside the facility.

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    Underlayment Resists Water

    CertainTeed DiamondDeck underlayment consists of a synthetic polymer-based material that replaces the use of standard felt underlayments.

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    Fastener Suited for Metal Roofs

    The 14x1 1/8-inch U-Seal T-1 Self Drilling fastener from Dynamic Fastener is designed to be used with the company’s Dyna-Flash pipe flashings for metal roofs.

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    Device Minimizes Snow Danger

    The SnowBreaker from SnoBlox-SnoJax is a polycarbonate snow guard that minimizes rooftop sliding snow and ice by slicing the wintery mix into smaller pieces so it can safely slide off a roof.

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    Rainscreen Mitigates Moisture

    Knight Wall Systems Inc. has released the Knight Wall System, all-in-one rainscreen system to mitigate moisture and increase energy efficiency in construction projects.

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    Wall Finishes Are Water-Based

    MDC Wall Finishes are water-based interior paint products that are environmentally friendly, easy to apply and available in myriad colors.

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    Sealant Prevents Rust

    Berger Building Products Inc. has introduced the FlashMate brushable sealant in a quart-sized can.

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    Removal System Gouges Quickly

    The Arcair-Matic N6000 Metal-Removal System from Thermadyne Industries is suited for metal fabrication, particularly in weld joint preparation where it is used to prepare uniform “U” or “J” grooves.

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    Framing System Accommodates Drywall

    Super Stud Building Products Inc. has released its drywall framing system, The Edge.

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    Curtainwall Uses Recycled Aluminum

    Therml=Block 300ES Curtainwall from Tubelite Inc. is manufactured using Eco-Luminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes.

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    New Designs Introduced

    Chemetal has introduced two new steel designs: 380 Weathered Steel and 381 Aged Steel.

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    Downspouts Are Roll-Formed

    Roll-formed downspouts from MBCI are available in 26-gauge in all of the company’s standard colors.

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    Finishes Are Eco-Friendly

    Tubelite Inc. now manufactures all of its architectural, extruded aluminum products with EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes.

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    Boot Accommodates Pipes

    The QuadFlash pipe boot from OMG Roofing Products seals single or clustered rooftop pipe penetrations.

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    Lifeline Has Dual-Mode Operation

    DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, has developed the Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL with Rescue self retracting lifeline.

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    Railing System Protects Against Falls

    The Bilco Co.’s BIL-Guard Hatch Railing System on its line of roof doors is a fixed railing system that provides a permanent means of fall protection for hatch openings.

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    Respirator Purifies Air

    Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. has introduced the Arc Armor PAPR, a powered air purifying respirator with a lightweight blower and a belt/shoulder strap design for comfort and safety.

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    Gloves Prevent Blisters

    Wells Lamont’s Blister Armor with Liquicell glove technology helps prevent blisters and next-day soreness.

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    Seamers Have Interchangeable Blades

    Midwest Tool and Cutlery Co. has introduced Interchangeable Blade Seamers for the HVAC/R and building/construction trades.

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    Screwdrivers Are Compact

    Makita has released models FS2500 and FS2701, two 2,500 RPM screwdrivers that are lightweight and feature an ergonomic design built for continuous heavy-duty work.

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    Tool Hems Valley Panels

    Swenson Shear has added the Valley Hemmer to its Snap Table product line so users can now easily hem concealed-fastener panels at any angle.

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    Prevent and Protect Against Falls

    The U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C., lists falls as one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death.

  • Track Loader Tackles Tough Jobs

    Completing the Cat D-Series Track Loader lineup is the new 973D, featuring load-sensing hydraulics, joystick steering, new operator’s station and 10 percent more power than its 973C predecessor.

  • Fixtures Isolate Metal Components

    Morgan Technical Ceramics’ Wesgo/Duramic business offers custom-made Alumina Fixtures used to isolate and insulate metal components during high temperature brazing processes.

  • Underlayment Protects Against Moisture

    Fiberweb has introduced Surround SR Underlayment, a Typar brand, a tear-resistant roofing underlayment that offers secondary protection against moisture intrusion.

  • Fastening Tool Attaches Fixtures

    The GCN150 gas-actuated concrete nailer from Simpson Strong-Tie is a portable fastening tool for attaching light-duty fixtures.

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    Fastener Has Rounded Edge

    This 12x1-1/4-inch Stainless T-17 #25 Torx Truss Head (Rounded Head) fastener from Dynamic Fastener now is available with a rounded edge around the outer top rim.

  • Attach Panels to Steel

    Triangle Fastener Corp. has introduced the Concealor DP3 to its Concealor line of fasteners.

  • Fastener Designed for Use in Steel

    OMG Roofing Products’ OMG Purlin Fastener is designed for use in 12- to 18-gauge structural steel and are available in lengths from 3 3/4 to 8 inches.

  • Product Provides Aged Appearance

    Vintage from Steelscape is produced using the company’s TruZinc steel in combination with a coating process that provides an aged-metallic appearance.

  • System Has Four Products

    Cambridge Architectural has further developed its Solucent energy-saving and daylighting mesh shading system for building exteriors.

  • Tile Has Recycled Content

    Urban Renewal by Crossville combines the beauty of real metal accent and trim pieces with a dimensional composite body to make it lightweight and easy to install.

  • Receiver Makes Position Measurement

    Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced the Transparent Receiver to the Microgage 2D family.

  • Panel Is Corrugated

    Country Rustic Corrugated has been added to ASC Building Products’ lineup of steel roofing panels serving the residential and light commercial construction markets.

  • Fasteners and Treated Lumber

    A position paper approved by the Metal Construction Association addresses frequently asked questions regarding metal roofing fasteners and alkaline-copper-quaternary-treated lumber.

  • Software Tools Aid in PV Production

    Cognex Corp. has expanded its range of inspection solutions for solar cell manufacturing processes with the VisionPro Solar Toolbox.

  • Standing Seam Roof Is Weather Resistant

    Liberty Building Systems has introduced HorizonLine, an architectural standing seam roof, in addition to its current standing seam roof system, LibertyLoc.

  • Track Product Is Curvable

    Flex-Ability Concepts has introduced 16-gauge Flex-C Angle, a curvable track product.

  • Roof Device Retains Snow

    SnoBlox-SnoJax has introduced SlateGuard, a pre-assembled snow retention device that is a polycarbonate snow guard attached to a 304 stainless-steel strap.

  • System Provides Fire Barrier

    The Impasse Curtain Wall Insulation System from Thermafiber provides a fire-protective barrier between the fire source and the curtainwall.

  • Insulation Resists Moisture

    MBI Plus Insulation from Owens Corning is a light-density, fibrous glass blanket used with metal building roofs and walls.

  • Panel Has Insulating Properties

    Metl-Span has introduced its 7.2 Insul-Rib, which combines a traditional 7.2-inch rib panel with a urethane foam core.

  • Spray Foam Combats Cold Weather

    Thermax Wall System from Dow Building Solutions has introduced a cold-weather polyurethane spray foam that cures quickly while offering application control and consistency.

  • Roof Insulation Is Stable

    Atlas Roofing Corp. has developed ACFoam-IV polyiso roof insulation.

  • Insulation Incorporates Recycled Content

    Many of Knauf Insulation’s products now are made with Ecose technology, which converts rapidly renewable bio-based materials into an inert polymer for greater environmental sustainability.