Table of Contents January 2010

  • Software Tools Aid in PV Production

    Cognex Corp. has expanded its range of inspection solutions for solar cell manufacturing processes with the VisionPro Solar Toolbox.

  • Standing Seam Roof Is Weather Resistant

    Liberty Building Systems has introduced HorizonLine, an architectural standing seam roof, in addition to its current standing seam roof system, LibertyLoc.

  • Track Product Is Curvable

    Flex-Ability Concepts has introduced 16-gauge Flex-C Angle, a curvable track product.

  • Roof Device Retains Snow

    SnoBlox-SnoJax has introduced SlateGuard, a pre-assembled snow retention device that is a polycarbonate snow guard attached to a 304 stainless-steel strap.

  • System Provides Fire Barrier

    The Impasse Curtain Wall Insulation System from Thermafiber provides a fire-protective barrier between the fire source and the curtainwall.

  • Insulation Resists Moisture

    MBI Plus Insulation from Owens Corning is a light-density, fibrous glass blanket used with metal building roofs and walls.

  • Panel Has Insulating Properties

    Metl-Span has introduced its 7.2 Insul-Rib, which combines a traditional 7.2-inch rib panel with a urethane foam core.

  • Spray Foam Combats Cold Weather

    Thermax Wall System from Dow Building Solutions has introduced a cold-weather polyurethane spray foam that cures quickly while offering application control and consistency.

  • Roof Insulation Is Stable

    Atlas Roofing Corp. has developed ACFoam-IV polyiso roof insulation.

  • Insulation Incorporates Recycled Content

    Many of Knauf Insulation’s products now are made with Ecose technology, which converts rapidly renewable bio-based materials into an inert polymer for greater environmental sustainability.