Courtesy Fast Co. Design

Material ConneXion, a materials consultancy in New York, houses an extensive library of experimental substances that companies such as Calvin Klein, Herman Miller, and Toyota use to design and build their products. Andrew Dent, vice president of library and materials research at Material ConneXion, details eleven of the most promising materials including, Karta-Pack, a 100% post consumer product made of recycled cotton fibers, that could be used for packaging and even furniture manufacturing; ThermalTech, a fabric composed of 100% lightweight stainless steel mesh, capable of regulating body temperature if used in clothing; Paptic, a hybrid between paper and plastic that feels as soft as the former, but is as durable as the latter material; and Grip Metal, a product that utilizes a new stamping method so that two pieces of metal can bind like Velcro instead of being melded together.

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