When you think about vibrant building products, metal may not be the first material that comes to mind. But when high-performance coatings are applied to metal building products, your design can come to life with nearly any color or effect – whether it’s a print to mimic the look of wood or marble, a color-shifting coating that changes in different lighting, or even a special effects coating with an intense sparkle.

Valspar’s dedication to continuous color innovation brings more choices than ever before.

Picking the Perfect Shade

Ilhan Eser, CEO of Morin, knew the design capabilities of metal – and the visual impact of high-performance coatings. Investing in a countryside, net-zero-energy home was important to Eser, as was the appearance of his home’s exterior. He was confident that high-performance coatings could create the memorable design he sought.

“We didn’t want the house to stick out like a sore thumb, given the rural environment,” Eser explains. “We wanted something to blend in but provide visual interest. Valspar’s Kameleon was the perfect choice. Depending on the angle and time of day, the color shifts from green to dark brown to brick red.”

After the metal panels with Valspar’s Kameleon coating were in put into place, the home naturally turned into a showpiece. “Everyone is amazed,” Eser says. “They love the color, and they’re blown away by how it changes from one side of the house to the other.”

Creating a Mood

Residential design is just one possible application for high-performance coatings.

Imagine guests walking up to a high-end hotel, welcomed by rich color and a gold sparkle finish catching the sunlight on the aluminum-framed entrance. This experience forms a first impression before guests ever walk through the door. As the architect, you determined the color and sparkle intensity.

Envision a health spa’s exterior walls showing off a soothing, nature-inspired palette, helping clients relax as they come inside. Taking into account the environment, you chose a coating with a weathered, calming look.

Picture a high-rise office that catches the eye for miles with an iridescent gradient exterior, shifting colors when viewed from different angles. You determined which colors were used and how dramatic the shift would be.

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral showcases how high-performance coatings bring understated attention to a commercial building’s forms and features. Fluropon Effects Kameleon coating from Valspar has an iridescent shimmer that adds a constant sense of subtle movement as the sun hits the sail-shaped, seven-story tower. Taking its cues from the nearby port, the unique color helps the structure express characteristics of transience, function, and imagery.

Valspar’s Kameleon coatings combine unlimited color options with the highest performance available. Color won’t fade or weather, and maintains a vibrant design for many years to come.

The exterior is where you have the first – and sometimes only – chance to make a design statement, giving each building its own personality. Use custom color to make a lasting impression.

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