Marcos Santos for the New York Daily News
Marcos Santos for the New York Daily News

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy's 100-mile-per-hour wind and rain hitting New York, a crumpled crane now hangs from what will be the city's tallest residential skyscraper when it is finished in 2013.

Earlier this afternoon, the boom of the crane snapped and now hangs swinging in the wind. Occupants of nearby buildings have been asked to evacuate while more than 100 firefighters rushed to the scene. A food vendor serves as eyewitness:“The crane was waving in the wind,” Tony Twitty, 40, of the Bronx told the New York Daily News. “The[n] next started to break up. You could hear the crunching of metal.”

The city had already shut down construction sites, which may be why no injuries have been reported from the crane crunch.

The building, One57, will be 90 stories and 1,005 feet tall and will not only clock in as the tallest residential building in New York when it is finished, but as the tallest in North America. One penthouse was reported to sell for more than $90 million. If the building were finished and safe, that would be one priceless front-row seat to nature's ongoing hurricane drama.

Earlier this afternoon, officials nipped a rumor in the bud that that the winds had also affected cranes at One World Trade Center, according to AM New York.