Over at Wired, Liz Stinson reports on legendary design firm Ideo's idea for the future of the car. Uber and Lyft have already changed the state of car ownership somewhat, but we still basically commute the same. We get in our own cars and drive to work. Maybe you take a bus or a train, but not for most of us. Let's face it, this is still America and most of us are behind the wheel of our own car, each day, twice per day. But maybe that's not the future of commuting. Likewise, maybe giant infrastructure projects to excavate subway stations or put in limited service bus lines aren't the future either. Maybe the future is a simple four-seater minivan that you maybe you own, most likely rent a seat on occasionally, but definitely share on a daily basis to cover the cost. We're not really certain why "the car of the future" always has to be made of clear plastic though ... Anyway, make sure to read Liz Stinson's full story over at Wired.

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