The Series 526 Thermal Impact Storefront from EFCO accommodates 1 5/16-inch (33-mm) insulating glass units for enhanced U-values and impact resistance. The product incorporates a polyurethane thermal barrier, and dry-glazed interior and exterior gaskets eliminate the use of silicone sealants. Screw-spline frame construction decreases shop labor. (800) 221-4169 / www.efcocorp.com 

CIRCLE NO. 80 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 81 ] CONTROL DAYLIGHT DELIVERY

Solatube International Inc.’s Zero-to-10-volt Daylight Dimmer provides scene control and time-clock based functionality. The lighting control system can be programmed to signal the dimmer to automatically adjust the amount of daylight for pre-set standard tasks. It also can provide 24-hour light management with time-clock-based operation. (888) 765-2882 / www.solatube.com 

CIRCLE NO. 81 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 82 ] OPERATE URINAL HANDS FREE

With hands-free operation, Zurn’s Z5798 ultra-low-consumption urinal system can accommodate 200,000 flush cycles. At only 1/8 gpf (0.6 Lpf), the PINT will save more than 30,000 gallons (136380 L) of water per year compared with standard 1 gpf (5 Lpf) urinals. The flush valve features heavy-duty commercial-grade metal construction that has chloramine-resistant internal seals. (800) 997-3876 / www.zurn.com 

CIRCLE NO. 82 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 83 ] SHINGLE PANEL INSTALLS QUICKLY

Cedar Valley Manufacturing has introduced the 7 1/8-inch (181-mm) exposure to its coastal line of shingle panels that are handcrafted with 1/2-inch- (13-mm-) thick butt-mixed grain Western Red Cedar shingles. Like the company’s vertical-grain products, the panel can be installed up to six times faster than hand-applied shingles. (800) 521-9523 / www.cedar-valley.com 

CIRCLE NO. 83 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 84 ] SINKS ARE MADE FROM SAND AND GRAVEL

New River Concrete Countertops and Sinks are made of sand and gravel from the New River, which runs through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The concrete mix reduces portland cement content by substituting fly ash and vitreous calcium aluminisilicate, which are reactive pozzolins and pre-consumer recycled materials. The sinks are stained with recycled iron oxides and sealed with a water-based, low-VOC sealer. (276) 579-3117 / www.newriverconcretecountertops.com 


Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have released Tensotherm, a composite roof system that offers the grace and flexibility of tensile roofing fabrics with the added benefits of an insulation layer. The Nanogel translucent aerogel insulation layer, which is sandwiched between two layers of fabric membrane, has an air content of 95 percent. Its small pore size traps air to prevent heat loss and solar heat gain. (800) 622-2246 / www.birdair.com

 CIRCLE NO. 85 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 86 ] LIGHTS ARE BRIGHTER

Green XLamp XR-E LEDs from Cree Inc. are 70 percent brighter than the company’s previous green power LEDs. The product produces maximum luminous flux of 87.5 lumens at 350 mA and complements the previously released blue XR-E LEDs for performance in RGB LED applications. (919) 313-5300 / www.cree.com/xlamp 

CIRCLE NO. 86 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 87 ] WATER HEATERS RESIST CORROSION

Heat Transfer has introduced a line of solar water heaters for all solar thermal applications. The SuperStor Solar line features a storage tank constructed of 316L stainless steel that can tolerate high temperatures while resisting corrosion. The heaters will store hot water from one or more solar collectors and provide electric or boiler backup. All units contain a finned copper-nickel solar heat exchanger. (800) 323-9651 / www.htproducts.com 

CIRCLE NO. 87 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 88 ] COUNTERTOPS RESEMBLE NATURAL STONE

A contoured edge profile from VT Industries provides postformed laminate countertops—prefabricated countertops with one to three bends in the laminate—with the look and feel of granite, natural stone or solid surface at a fraction of the cost. The Geneva edge complements the Valencia and Barcelona designs as another full-wrap edge profile. It’s available with or without a backsplash and is offered in laminate colors. (800) 827-1615 / www.vtindustries.com 

CIRCLE NO. 88 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 89 ] GLASS COMBINES ENERGY AND AESTHETICS PPG

Industries has combined the solar control of Solarban 80 low-emissivity glass with its new blue-green Optiblue glass. The combination creates an architectural glass that has a metallic-gray-green exterior tint and neutral-gray interior appearance. In a standard 1-inch (25-mm) insulating glass unit, it produces a solar-heat-gain coefficient of 0.23 and visible light transmittance of 34 percent. (888) 774-4332 / www.ppgideascapes.com 

CIRCLE NO. 89 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 90 ] CURTAINWALL HAS THERMAL BARRIER

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ 7250i-UW Series unitized curtainwall system features a polyamide nylon structural thermal barrier. The product is preassembled and pre-glazed in panelized frames for quick installation. The frames reduce dependence on field weatherseals while accommodating dynamic movements without placing undue stress on glass, sealants or other infills. (877) 678-2983 / www.wausauwindow.com 

CIRCLE NO. 90 or ecostructure.hotims.com [ 91 ] BRISE SOLEILS COOL INTERIORS

Hydro Building Systems’ Brise Soleil product line incorporates thin-film flexible solar modules manufactured by Ascent Solar. Brise Soleils, overhangs or louvers mounted externally to buildings reduce the direct radiation from the sun to keep buildings cool. Shading devices that enhance performance by solar photovoltaics limit overheating in buildings, reducing the need for air-conditioning systems while simultaneously converting the sun’s energy into electricity to provide power to the building. (516) 222-1526 / www.hydro.com 

CIRCLE NO. 91 or ecostructure.hotims.com