ROOF COATINGS ARE SOLVENT-FREE HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R from West Development Group are one-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coatings designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam. Neither coating releases solvents into the air, and HSS 540 contains 20 percent recycled EPDM material, which strengthens the coating’s physical properties and helps keep old roofing material out of landfills. (866) 924-4585 / CIRCLE NO. 80;

ALUMINUM FLOORS PROVIDE SLEEK LOOK AlumaFloor floor tiles are manufactured using recycled 5052 aluminum alloy and can be designed and cut to suit any architectural need. A precision machining process creates tight-fitting tiles that do not need any grouting or fasteners. The tiles are well suited for high-impact, heavy-traffic areas and feature a slip-resistant surface. (630) 628-0226 / CIRCLE NO. 81;

FINISH INCREASES DURABILITY IntegraClear from National Office Furniture is an environmentally friendly, high-performance finish that increases durability without sacrificing aesthetics. The finish enhances the natural beauty of veneers by preserving the depth and clarity of wood grain. (800) 482-1717 / CIRCLE NO. 82;

PAINT HAS MOOD-ENHANCING COLORS The Ayurveda Essence color system from AFM Safecoat is a holistic indoor paint color system consisting of 108 mood-enhancing colors in three sets of 36. Each self-coordinating color palette is designed to create specific balancing or energizing effects. Three micro palettes correspond to the three major constitutional types of East Indian medicine. (619) 239-0321 / CIRCLE NO. 83;

INVERTER PROVIDES OFF-GRID POWER The Sunny Island 5048U from SMA Technology AG provides continuous, off-grid power from renewable sources, like solar, wind and hydroelectric. It also can handle grid input for backup applications. The inverter provides continuous power at 5,000 watts at 120V at 77 F (25 C), making it suitable for large loads, such as those created by water pumps and refrigerators. Operation is silent and maintenance-free. (916) 625-0870 / CIRCLE NO. 84;

AIR CONDITIONER IS SOLAR POWERED The GreenCore 10200 solar-powered air conditioner combines photovoltaic technology with DC-engineered air conditioning. PV panels power batteries that allow the unit to operate free of the electrical grid. When the sun is not available to charge batteries through the solar panels, the system allows the batteries to be charged by AC power. (800) 326-5222 / CIRCLE NO. 85;

FABRIC UNITES FANTASY AND FUNCTION Carnegie has introduced Xorel Embroider, a textile in which patterns are worked on top of the foundation fabric using decorative stitches and laid threads to add a multidimensional splash of style. In addition to being free of PVC, chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals, ozone-depleting chemicals, topical finishes and dioxin, the fabric is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified and is suitable for commercial and residential use. (516) 678-6770 / CIRCLE NO. 86;

SOFTWARE ANALYZES BUILDING PERFORMANCE IES V5.9 from Integrated Environmental Solutions enables designers to examine how key design and climate factors influence the sustainable performance of a building. Enhanced capabilities include major graphical input and output developments, as well as visual, interactive and flexible reporting. (617) 426-1890 / CIRCLE NO. 87;

PV PERFORMANCE MONITORING SIMPLIFIED PV Powered has simplified commercial photovoltaic performance monitoring by offering integrated monitoring solutions from leading PV data-monitoring providers. Commercial inverters can be ordered with integrated performance-monitoring solutions from Draker Laboratories, Energy Recommerce and Fat Spaniel. Solutions are pre-wired and tested at the factory to provide trouble-free commissioning. (541) 312-3832 / CIRCLE NO. 88;

PAINT HAS ZERO VOCS ENVIRO-300 from Nationwide Chemical Coatings Manufacturers is a zero-VOC, low-odor, insulating ceramic paint for interior walls, ceilings and trim. It’s formulated with ceramic fillers to enhance its insulating and soundproofing characteristics. In addition to a primer sealer, flat, satin and semi-gloss finishes are available. (800) 423-7264 / CIRCLE NO. 89;

LIGHTING FIXTURES MAXIMIZE OUTPUT Lamar Lighting’s Max-E high-performance recessed direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires maximize efficiency and output while maintaining low-glare aesthetic appeal. The fixtures use 33 percent less energy to produce light equivalent to that of a standard three-lamp T8 center-basket-style recessed luminaire. (800) 724-7743 / CIRCLE NO. 90;

FLUSHOMETERS USE SOLAR POWER Sloan Valve Co.’s solar-powered SOLIS Flushometers for water closets and urinals operate with photovoltaic technology. Light charges a capacitor to provide power even in rooms with occupancy-controlled lighting. If the user does not press a button, the technology takes over and initiates a flush cycle that is based on how long the user remains in the sensor range. Single- and dual-flush models are available. (800) 982-5839 / CIRCLE NO. 91;