A screenshot of the app interface
A screenshot of the app interface

The comprehensive, cloud-based reference library MADCAD launched an app on Jan. 6, coinciding with the National Institute of Building Science’s annual conference, “Building Innovation.” The free app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows devices uses GPS technology to quickly find applicable local codes and standards. It also allows users to set a specific geographic coordinate by clicking on the map or typing in an address.

The app produces a list of filtered search results of relevant city, county, and state regulations, allowing project teams to find the latest regulations for their project site. Clicking on any of the results will direct users to a web browser displaying the developer’s online store where they can purchase access to specific publications. The app is available for subscribers and non-subscribers alike, though only paying customers will have the added benefit of access to the texts. MADCAD's database includes more than 60,000 codes, including those of the International Code Council, OSHA, ASHRAE, and the U.S. Green Building Council. 

After doing a soft launch of the beta version of the app in Sept. 2014, MADCAD, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Bing, has made the program freely available to the public. The app includes codes and standards for all U.S. states and territories, as well as local codes (counties and cities) for the 2,500 most populated jurisdictions in the country.

This article has been updated to indicate that the MADCAD app is available on Windows devices, as well as iOS and Android.