When Lambert Architecture + Construction Services set out to renovate 522 Lady Street, a 1930s-era cigar and candy store with an adjacent warehouse in South Carolina, they knew exterior glass was crucial to success. We asked Josh Boltinhouse, AIA, LEED AP, about the project and how SunGuard SNX 51/23 glass helped realize his design.

Tell us about the goals of the 522 Lady Street renovation.

The existing structures were in desperate need of a little love. Our client desired a modern office space that was bright, open, comfortable and energy efficient—while respecting the site’s historical character. The aim wasn’t to recreate history, but to reveal and complement the existing red brick walls and white stucco. We knew that glass was the answer.

Beyond balancing old and new, what role did glass play in this project?

We wanted glass that would create a contemporary feel and fill the space with natural light. We wanted to be able to see into the space and show off the historical facade—not have a highly reflective, mirror-like look.

We also wanted glass with high efficiency, low reflectivity and solar control. With glass on all sides of the building, we didn’t want occupants to suffer in the South Carolina heat.

Which product qualities led you to choose SNX 51/23 glass?

My SunGuard representative recommended SNX 51/23, a new glass that matched the project performance points. It’s highly transparent, has a neutral blue color and low reflectivity—everything we needed.

SNX 51/23 glass was eye opening. I didn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for performance.

After finding SNX 51/23 glass, I specified it for the building’s new stair tower visible from the street, all existing windows and new expanses of glass that overlook the city and nearby river.

What other ways did this glass ensure success for your team?

Due to the high efficiency of SNX 51/23 glass, we were able to reduce the mechanical systems used to heat and cool the building, keeping new and historical features the focal points rather than HVAC equipment.

What else would you like to share about the project?

When we started working on 522 Lady Street, it was just a project for us. By the end, we were looking for new office space to house our growing firm. The building had space available, and being one of our higher-profile projects, we decided to move in!

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