Tankless water heaters, solar-energy systems, and garage organization packages don't have much in common. But they do share the distinction of being some of the building products readers most wanted to know more about.
Over the next 22 editorial pages, you'll find the top 100 products that readers asked for information about during the past year by mailing us the reader service cards found at the back of each issue. The products, which come from the editorial pages of Building Products and its sister publications Builder and Remodeling, represent diverse wares that can save you installation time, boost your productivity, slash material costs, or make your clients say, "Wow!"

Each Top 100 product is listed with a photo, a descriptive caption, and the manufacturer's Web site and phone number. If you missed these products the first time they appeared, now's your chance to check them out. We hope you'll find a number of items that you can incorporate into your new and remodeled homes. Happy hunting!


Metroflor 76 Metroflor. This heavy-duty solid vinyl tile has a tough scratch- and stain-resistant ceramic-type finish that is less likely to chip or crack than ceramic tile, the maker says. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Solidity has the high-fashion look of large-format 16-inch-by-16-inch ceramic and stone tiles. It is available in four styles: granite, slate, travertine, and tumbled marble. 800-927-9324. www.metroflor.com.

Viking Range 77 Viking Range. This outdoor range incorporates a gas grill along with a 24-inch-wide gas oven to allow homeowners to prepare entire meals outdoors without having to make trips back and forth to the kitchen. The oven comes in a 53-inch-wide grill cart or it can be installed as a built-in cabinet. It features three racks. 888-845-4641. www.vikingrange.com.

Fen-Tech 78 Fen-Tech. This window and door maker now offers bending services for a wide variety of cellular PVC and composite exterior and interior trim boards. Popular applications include curved garage door openings, radius window and door openings, and other architectural elements. These products cost less than pattern-cut wood trims, claims the maker. 877-386-8004. www.fentechinc.com.

Architectural Area Lighting 79 Architectural Area Lighting. These Craftsman-style light fixtures come in round and square configurations in post top, wall, and pendant mounting applications. Hood finish options include stainless steel, copper, opal acrylic, mica, and painted aluminum. Many additional period lighting fixtures also are available. 714-994-2700. www.aal.net.

Panasonic 80 Panasonic. This reflector compact fluorescent lamp lasts for 10,000 hours and uses 23 watts to produce the light of an 85-watt incandescent, the maker says. The Energy Star-rated lamp consumes 70 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs and its low heat output reduces air conditioner loads, according to the manufacturer. 866-292-7299. www.panasonic.com/lighting.

Coyote Glass Design 81 Coyote Glass Design. Inlaid with copper, gold, or silver, this kiln-formed glass sink is first carved by hand and colored with the swirling shades of a desert palette. It is then backed with one of three precious metals. The Copper River model pictured here is one of 10 handcrafted designs from the firm. 254-947-0002. www.coyoteglass.com.

Therma Stor Products 82 Therma Stor Products. The Filter-Vent air-purifying ventilator combines fresh-air ventilation, air filtration, and indoor air circulation capabilities into one unit. The unit, which only uses 110 watts of electricity, is controlled by an on/off switch and can be programmed to coordinate with other HVAC activities. It can be installed on the floor or hung from joists. 866-281-3567. www.interfaceflor.com.

Amarr Garage Doors 83 Amarr Garage Doors. Classica collection garage doors are available with wind-load packages. The steel carriage doors are approved for gusts up to 140 mph, the maker says. Classica doors come in white, but they can be painted. The Lucern model pictured features a closed double-arch top section and optional Blue Ridge handles. 800-503-3667. www.amarr.com.

Rohl 84 Rohl. Made from hand-poured fireclay in England, Shaws Original collection sinks are stain- and rust-resistant and can withstand abuse including dropped cookware, scalding water, and dramatic thermal changes from hot pots and pans, says the maker. The sinks are covered with a thick layer of white vitreous china glazing as well as an acid-resistant coating. 800-777-9762. www.rohlhome.com.

Swan 85 Swan. Perfect for new or remodeling applications, the ADA-compliant barrier-free shower fits standard 30-inch-by-60-inch bathtub footprints. The unit can be plumbed to the left or right. A floor and wall kit, a floor only, and separate safety accessories (including a seat and horizontal and vertical assist bars) are available. 800-325-7008. www.swanstone.com.

Sylvania 86 Sylvania. The Dulux El line of compact fluorescent lamps can replace most standard incandescent bulbs, the maker says. The lamps give off soft white light, similar to halogen bulbs, according to the company. The newest additions to the line include fluorescent three-way twists, flame-shaped and frosted lamps, and a bulb that won't attract insects, the maker says. 978-777-1900. www.sylvania.com.

Heartland Building Products 87 Heartland Building Products. Homeowners can save up to 20 percent on energy bills because CedarMax insulated vinyl siding boosts R-value up to 4, claims the maker. The thermal siding's EP-Xtra laminated permanent backing also adds impact resistance to the siding system, the manufacturer says. 800-432-7801. www.heart-land.com.

Humidifall 88 Humidifall. The in-wall Humidifall contains a fully functional humidifier capable of humidifying a 2,700-square-foot space while providing the aesthetic appeal of an indoor waterfall. A UV-light sterilizer, a hard water filter, and built-in auto-flush devices keep the water clean. 877-884-4776. www.humidifall.com.

M&S Systems 89 M&S Systems. The DMC1 home intercom system provides voice communication throughout a home. An MC960PA power amplifier delivers stereo-quality music from the radio or CD player. An upgrade is available to allow the intercom to distribute audio to any room. Many music communication systems are available from the maker, including products for retrofit applications. 800-421-1587. www.mssystems.com.

Signamark 90 Signamark. The Lehigh Door's Mission-style art glass is protected between two layers of tempered glass. Border caming is finished in granite, while the ribbed and clear beveled glass design is outlined with antique-patina caming. The door comes primed or in stain-grade pine and red oak. 800-803-8182. www.signamark.com.

Westinghouse Lighting 91 Westinghouse Lighting. NanoLux compact fluorescent lamps come in 34 style and color combinations. NanoLux ballasts include micro-electronic components, eliminating the large ballasts seen on other CFLs, the maker says. The lamps, available in 7- to 13-watt models, use 80 percent less energy and last up to eight times longer than incandescent bulbs, according to the firm. 800-999-2226. www.westinghouselighting.com.

Duravit USA 92 Duravit USA. Playfully shaped to mimic a drop of water, Dry is an ingenious waterless urinal that functions via a ceramic siphon filled with a biodegradable, lighter-than-urine sealing liquid. When the urine penetrates this liquid it runs directly through the siphon into the sewage system. This water-wise system also keeps odors at bay and is easy to maintain. 888-387-2848. www.duravit.com.

Merillat 93 Merillat. Accents collection feet, corbels, ornamental onlays, and molding inserts offer high-end, furniture-quality appeal for standard cabinetry, asserts the maker. The decorative accents come in three collections: Estero (a clean Mission style); Tapestry (traditional wave and leaf patterns); and Windmere (rope designs inspired by eclectic styles). 517-263-0771. www.merillat.com.

Campagna Fine Furniture 94 Campagna Fine Furniture. Constructed of solid birch with a water-resistant solid walnut top, the St. Germaine vanity features a radius front and serpentine sides, decorative inlays, and six full-extension drawers. The Old World-style base is finished with water spotting, distressing, and hand-rubbed waxing. It measures 62 inches wide and 36 inches high. 480-563-2577. www.campagnafurniture.com.

Mannington Mills 95 Mannington Mills. Saratoga, part of the Ceramica collection, reflects the rich and inviting look of leather set in a 9-inch tile composition. It comes with the Teflon surface protector, a durable stain and soil repellent that keeps floors looking new longer. Saratoga is available in rawhide (shown) or nude. 856-935-3000. www.mannington.com.

Owens Corning 96 Owens Corning. Three new insulating products have been introduced: The WeatherProtectR below-grade waterproofing system is designed for use with polystyrene foam applications; WeatherResist door and window flashing tape can be installed at 20 degrees below Fahrenheit without a primer; and PinkCap Attic Stair Insulator reduces attic stairwell leaks by up to 85 percent. 800-438-7465. www.owenscorning.com.

Sun Systems 97 Sun Systems. CopperSun solar water heaters integrate into a home's plumbing and use city water pressure to heat water continuously, even during a power outage, the firm says. These integrated roof units are available in 30-, 40-, and 50-gallon sizes; the anodized aluminum housing can be color matched to the roof, according to the manufacturer. 800-777-6657. www.sunsystemsinc.com.

LP Siding 98 LP Siding. SmartSide smooth trim and fascia products can be cross-cut or mitered to create custom keystones, dentil moldings, and porch column covers. The pre-primed engineered wood can be worked with standard cutting and fastening tools; it complements nearly every siding material, the firm says. 888-820-0325. www.smartsideonline.com.

SunRise Solar 99 Solargenix Energy. The new Winston series compound parabolic collector (CPC) is used for residential and commercial solar thermal systems; the unit uses non-imaging optics to focus sunlight onto a high-efficiency absorber tube, says the maker. Hot water systems, space-heating systems, and solar cooling systems all use the same collector. It is warranted for 10 years. 919-871-0423. www.solargenix.com.

SunRise Solar 100 SunRise Solar. The solar-powered fan removes hot, moist air from the attic, thus protecting the home against condensation, frost, ice dams, mold, mildew, and rot. It installs in less than 30 minutes, the manufacturer claims. The fan comes fully assembled and is made of non-corrosive stainless steel and aluminum components. It circulates up to 850 cubic feet of air per minute. 866-599-3566. www.sunrisesolar.net.