Courtesy Inigo Elizalde

Glitch Collection, Inigo Elizalde Rugs
This New York–based studio conceived the Glitch Collection by accident, when founder Inigo Elizalde's computer kept giving his errors while creating digital designs. A welcomed contrast to the collection's high-tech inspiration, the 6'-wide-by-9' long rugs are made of Tibetan highland wool and natural fibers such as bamboo and grass roots, though Rise is 100% bamboo fiber. The collection is comprised of nine, fully customizable rug designs including Rise, Skid (shown), and Wabi.

Courtesy Amy Helfand

Peking, Amy Helfand
The Brooklyn, N.Y.–based designer's six-piece Do Good, Be Good handwoven rug collection comes to life with the help of Nepali artisans. It was inspired by traditional Persian and Chinese rugs, with an added twist of Impressionistic spots and lines that disrupt the rigid geometries of its muses. Composed of Chinese silk and wool, each piece is made using a Tibetan cross-weaving technique. Peking comes as an 8'-by-10' rug and a 2.5'-by-10' runner.

Courtesy Patricia Urquiola

Visioni, Patricia Urquiola
Italian designer Patricia Urquiola modernized an ancient Tibetan technique through contemporary geometric shapes to create this two-piece collection for Milan-based rug manufacturer CC-Tapis. A blend of Himalayan wool and pure silk, Visioni A and Visioni B's unorthodox geometries create dimension through large rectangular volumes and shading..

Courtesy Angela Adams

Galactic, Angela Adams
Inspired by the celestial landscape, this rug is part of Portland, Maine–based designer Angela Adams' Astral Gardens collection. Galactic is made of 100% New Zealand wool, and is hand-tufted in India. It is available in dimensions of 3' by 10', 8' by 10', and 9' by 12', and comes in two colors: solar and celestial (shown).

Courtesy Golran

Meteo Collection, Golran
This otherworldly collection of rugs are defined by the faintest hint of a grid with pops of light colors. French designer Inga Sempé utilized a traditional Nepalese technique that gives her creations a pointilist look. The rugs, which are made up of 75% wool and 25% silk, come in seven sizes, and can be specified in a custom size as well. Meteo comprises three designs: Tumulte (shown in purple), Halo, and Mirage, each of which are offered in various colorways.