Modular furniture is one tool at a designer’s disposal for keeping common spaces in office, hospitality, and even residential interiors fresh. Functional and versatile, these five clever seating, surface, and storage systems can be arranged in multiple configurations to achieve a quick space change while maintaining the application's original function and aesthetic.

Peter Guenzel

Pie Chart, Hierve
Mexico City–based studio Hierve crafted this occasional table system from solid wood, with plywood used for the curved surrounds. With its quarter-, half-, three-quarter, and full-circle modules, Pie Chart can be assembled and re-assembled at whim and is available for use as tables and storage. Stain options include shades of blue, green, gray, and yellow.


Palo Sofa, Hem
Upholstered with 70% virgin wool, the Palo Sofa from Berlin furniture maker Hem is framed with removable struts that make it adaptable for large and small spaces. Adding modules can turn the standard two-seat sofa into a chaise or a sectional (shown). Available in blue and white.


Meta, Dune 
New York studio Dune designed Meta to double as a bench and a table. The geometric units—framed in plywood and steel with upholstered seat pads and Corian surfacing—can be joined to snake through a space. 

Geof Ramsay Design Studio

Euclid, Geof Ramsay Design Studio
This CNC-milled wood furniture set combines traditional and modern forms with a geometric twist, evidenced by its name and planar composition. Euclid comprises a minimalist chair and attached occasional tables whose hexagonal, triangular, and rhombus shapes are easy to spot.

Brave Space Design
Brave Space Design

Tetrad Flat, Brave Space Design
Much like the game Tetris, this lightweight modular bookshelf gets its shape from maple plywood storage units stacked like blocks or mounted to the wall. From Brooklyn, N.Y.–based studio Brave Space Design, Tetrad Flat is available with blue, brown, green, white, and yellow backs.

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