NCARB is attempting to facilitate the process of tracking hours for its Intern Development Program (IDP) with a mobile app released earlier this month. My IDP is designed to help architectural interns maintain a record of working hours accrued in the A (Practice of Architecture) and O (Other Work) experience settings for each of 17 experience areas required as part of the IDP process and to submit those hours to supervisors. The licensing board’s app offers an interface similar to that of its online reporting system. While the app cannot be used to create new experience reports, users can review their progress through the mobile tool’s IDP Progress Dashboard. Designers seeking professional licensure in most states and territories must complete an internship through NCARB’S IDP program in order to sit for the Architect Registration Examination.

The iOS app is available for free in the iTunes store, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch platforms. NCARB says it is working on an Android version.