Science Matters, designed by San Francisco-based designer Laura Guido Clark, draws inspiration from the juxtaposition between the geometry and linearity of biological structures in contrast to organic variations. The collection has five patterns. Cell Theory contains 22 percent post-consumer recycled polyester and is a large-scale pattern that resembles the repeating circles of cells viewed under a high-powered microscope. H2O repeats a hexagonal shape inspired by the chemical structure of water and it features Greenshield, which Pallas reports is an environmentally friendly high-performance nanotechnology with permanent stain and moisture resistance. Gene Pool contains 10 percent post-consumer recycled polyester and represents the 25,000 genes that make up the human genome, while Flexing Muscles, which mimics the linear striation found in human muscles, features 100 percent biodegradable polyurethane. The final pattern is heartbeat, inspired by the circulatory system.