Courtesy Sakrete

Cement Colors, Sakrete
Resistant to the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light and alkali, this synthetic mineral oxide adds pigment to concrete, mortar, and sand mixes. Available in eight colors.

Courtesy Laticrete

Fracture Ban, Laticrete
This peel-and-stick membrane, made of a polymer-modified asphaltic adhesive applied to a polyester base, can act as a crack preventor and acoustic buffer for concrete slabs.

Courtesy BASF

MasterLife AMA 100, BASF
This admixture reduces the risk of microbial-induced corrosion in shotcrete and precast and cast-in-place concrete pipes, tanks, and manholes used in sewage and drainage systems.

Courtesy Quikrete

Quikrete Form and Pour, Quikrete
Aggregates and admixtures, including microsilica, in this Portland concrete mix help improve its durability. For 1.5"-to-24"-thick vertical and horizontal rehabilitation projects.

Courtesy Superior Concrete Products

Superior Brick, Superior Concrete Products
Rivaling traditional brick masonry and mortar, this concrete brick can withstand harsh weather as well as adapt to areas with seismic activity.

Courtesy Oldcastle Precast

Residential Precast Building System, Oldcastle Precast
Customizable for many building types, including multifamily housing and hotels, the factory-made components include stairs and beams.