Public outdoor spaces have the unique task of anchoring an increasingly mobile community. From sleek bike racks that don’t crowd their users to a remote-controlled LED light and a hardy cast-stone chair, we have highlighted products that bring order to busy outdoor spaces. Plus: a lighting fixture whose series of reflectors forms an optical illusion.

Bicilinea, Santa & Cole
With a curved frame that provides structural support and allows cyclists to lock their mode of transportation at two points, the Bicilinea from Santa & Cole is a modern and sturdy take on the bicycle rack. Designed by Barcelona designer and town planner Beth Gali, the stainless steel rack comes in two versions: a 10’-long unit that holds eight bikes, and a 20’-long unit that holds up to 16.

Sillarga-Sicurta, Escofet 
EMBT Arquitectes created this cast-stone chair for Barcelona-based  Escofet with two goals in mind: First, it had to withstand graffiti, vandalism, and other potentially harsh conditions. Second, it had to provide a comfortable and aesthetic form. The Sillarga lounge chair allows you to lean back with feet up, while the smaller Sicurta is upright. Both are 32” tall. Sillarga is 52” long and 23” wide, while Sicurta is 26” long and 21” wide. Available in beige, black, gray, and white.

Lightvault 8, Kim Lighting, Hubbell Lighting
Bluetooth technology intersects with outdoor illumination in Lightvault8, a luminaire whose direction and dimming can be controlled with an app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. The solid brass, LED fixture from Kim Lighting can be used in spot, wall-wash, and narrow flood in-grade applications. It has a maximum output of 2,500 lumens and a light distribution that can be customized with optional hex louvre, prism lens, and spread lens filters.

Bike Garden Bike Rack, Forms+Surfaces
With the capability to assume several configurations, the Bike Garden Bike Rack from Forms+Surfaces isn’t your garden-variety bike rack. Made with stainless steel tubing and up to 77% post-industrial recycled content, the individual shoots spring from the ground and offer multiple locking points. The bike rack comes in six sizes, ranging from 26-1/5” to 49-1/10” in height.

Stella, Landscapeforms
Landscape architecture practice Gustafson Guthrie Nichol designed the Stella table for Landscapeforms as part of the UrbanEdge collection, which seeks to encourage public activity and civic goals. Its oval shape contrasts with traditional rectangle and round outdoor tables. Made from powdercoated metal in 10 colors, Stella is 72” long, 39” deep, and 15” tall.

Lightfalls, 3M Architectural Markets 
This glowing lighting system may appear to use several sources, but in actuality, it uses only a single LED. A collaborative product by  3M Architectural Markets and New York designer Todd Bracher, the light is optically directed from one reflector to another, resulting in a cascading luminescence with little energy. Lightfalls uses a proprietary film on each reflector that is 98% reflective.