Over at Wired, Sean Patrick Farrell reports on the Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions drone (or Aspara for short). When we think drones, we think tiny planes or metal-and-plastic hoverplatforms. We don't think cardboard ... and we don't think origami. But that's just what San Francisco-based Otherlab has devised in Apsara. Cardboard is cheap, bendable, and more durable than you think (ask Shigeru Ban). The material also has a serious track record for being used to help in refugee and human rights situation (again, as Shigeru Ban). During a medical emergency or a disaster, a swarm of Apsaras could be dropped from a plane with important medicine or other payloads for the people below, and then biodegrade easily later. Read Sean Patrick Farrell's full story at Wired.

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