The lighting solutions center at the newly opened headquarters for Hubbell Lighting in Greenville, S.C., puts a new spin on teaching lighting techniques to specifiers, designers, and contractors. The new building, designed by the Greenville office of McMillan Smith & Partners, opened this summer with a LEED Silver rating. Hubbell also worked with Storyline Studio, an industrial and media design firm in Bothell, Wash., to design and build training rooms and a “Lighting Solutions” lab.

The flexible spaces teach specifiers about Hubbell's products and about lighting design and technology in general. An attached warehouse of fixtures provides the resources for different classes and presentations. Hubbell's hope is that this change—from the usual showroom of hundreds of fixtures to the training room—will allow instructors to teach a variety of techniques without overwhelming or distracting visitors. Down the hall from the training rooms, the Lighting Solutions lab introduces a series of challenges and shows how Hubbell's products address them. Around a central hub (shown) are five vignettes that can be changed, such as a kitchen lit by LED fixtures with warm color temperatures, a fixture comparison ranking energy consumption, and a display of egress lighting. Each scene showcases Hubbell's product lines.

Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, S.C.
James Huff Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, S.C.