Postmodern architect Michael Graves, who died earlier this year, was known for more than his buildings. An avid industrial designer, Graves created products for a variety of companies including mass-market retailer Target and Italian homewares brand Alessi. Among his most popular designs for Alessi is the 9093 kettle, whose spout is capped with an elegant bird-shaped whistle. His latest, and final, iteration of that design is now available. Called Tea Rex, the revised kettle swaps the iconic, demure bird for a fiery dragon. The kettle was updated to time with the 30th anniversary of the product’s launch this year. [Design Milk]

New York City residents can now see this year’s MoMA PS1 installation, in Queens, for free through Oct. 15, 2016. [The Guardian]

A waterproof fabric sheet that seals around subway entrances, a giant expandable plug, and more are ways in which New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been working to flood-proof its subway tunnels since Hurricane Sandy deluged underground portions of the system nearly three years ago. [NPR]

Plus, five big ideas for bringing public transit systems worldwide into the 21st century. Here's looking at you, Washington Metro. [Gizmodo]

The Living and the Ali Brivanlou Lab
The Living and the Ali Brivanlou Lab

ICYMI: This full-scale experimental building façade installation (shown above), on view at the ongoing Chicago Architecture Biennial, combines air, water, plants, and (yes) frogs to clean the surrounding air. [ARCHITECT]

This conceptual wearable fitness tracker counts the user's steps as well as their carbon footprint. [CityLab]

SolarCity, the country’s largest installer of rooftop photovoltaic systems, is getting into the manufacturing game with an ultra-high-efficiency panel—and its performance has already been eclipsed. [MIT Technology Review]

At the Chicago Architecture Biennial, researchers from Switzerland and the U.S. are showcasing their process of layering loose rock and textile filament to create a digitally fabricated architectural feature that can stand on its own. [Designboom]

Sony is trying to get into Japan’s real-estate business. The tech company is developing a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to gauge local housing prices. [The Wall Street Journal]