Studio Y If Ray and Charles Eames were Jedi Knights (and we have no evidence to the contrary) they may have fought the Empire with these midcentury Modern laser swords.

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'Tis the season for Jedi masters, new and old. While we dare not give away any spoilers from the latest film of the episodic Star Wars series, we can say that some people are just naturals at handling the Force. A concept project from San Francisco– and Austin, Texas–based design and research firm Studio Y takes the idea a step further, imagining the iconic laser sword in the style of some of the world's greatest designers. Using materials and forms typical to Zaha Hadid, Hon. FAIA, Charles and Ray Eames, Issey Miyake, Edith Heath, and Dieter Rams, the Force-sensitive designers of Studio Y consider what weaponry their own icons would create for themselves should they go head-to-head against the Empire. The project comprises a prototype light saber and a short video for each of the six architects and designers featured.  [Studio Y]

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