Yoram Reshef

During her talk in March at TED 2015 in Vancouver, MIT Media Lab assistant professor Neri Oxman discussed Mushtari, a wearable technology whose hollow internal tracks feature a photosynthetic bacteria culture that allows it to generate bio-fuel from sunlight. Mushtari is part of a series of 3D-printed wearables introduced by Oxman last year to consider the resources required to sustain human life on other planets. Fabricated with Stratasys’ triple-jet, multi-material 3D-printing technology, the piece explores the idea of regulating and repairing systems—human and otherwise. [Stratasys]

Oxman isn’t the only researcher using bacteria as a building material. An emerging area of building-science research explores the potentially positive role of specific microorganisms in building and occupant health—particularly when it comes to managing indoor air quality. [CityLab]

This week, Autodesk launched FormIt 360 Pro, a Web and mobile app whose sketching interface helps designers turn drawings into BIM files. The company also debuted Dynamo Studio as a standalone product, and its combined AutoCAD, Revit, and A360 Team platforms in a pay-as-you-go Revit Collaboration Suite. [Autodesk]

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have devised a system that directs a swarm of robots simply with a tablet and a beam of red light. The control could be used to deploy mobile robotic technology at a large scale in applications such as construction and search-and-rescue. [Phys.org]

A new report from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute finds that adolescents are more sensitive than adults to the blue light emitted by self-luminous electronic devices. One- to two-hours of exposure to this light has been shown to suppress melatonin levels, which consequently inhibits sleep, in a study by the LRC on adults in 2012. [Sage]

In Japan, Sony is selling a smartphone app–controlled LED light bulb with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. [The Verge]

Software developer FiftyThree updated—and upgraded—its Paper drawing app with the free Think Kit, a set of tools that facilitates and beautifies the creation of hand-sketched charts and geometries on the Apple iPad. [Fast Company’s Co.Design]

A 230-foot-long stretch of pathway in the Netherlands fitted with SolaRoad's embedded photovoltaic panel technology has generated 3 megawatt-hours of electricity in six months—far more power than anticipated. [Huh]