A competition to rethink the design of New York’s 1963 MetLife Building (formerly the Pan Am Building) has spawned at least one creative, if impractical, response. Montreal-based architecture firm Lemay answered a call for entries from Metals in Construction magazine to create a concept green façade for the oft-reviled International-style building with a plan to turn it into the world’s tallest urban farm. The firm presents its concept, "Farm Follows Fiction," in graphic-novel format, positing German architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius as the "anti-hero" whose monster (the MetLife Building) “looms over” its more sophisticated neighbors, according to CityLab writer (and former ARCHITECT senior editor) Kriston Capps. "Farm Follows Fiction" is one of six finalists in the competition, which also includes teams whose members represent firms including VOA Architecture Associates, Werner Sobek, ShoP Architects, FXFowle, and Thornton Thomasetti. The original $15,000 prize has been distributed equally among the teams. That's enough, at least, to extend the comic series. Other proposals explore ways to open views along Park Avenue by reducing the midcentury building's bulk. [CityLab + Metals in Construction]

ICYMI: “Technologically augmented surfaces and spaces should receive the same thoughtful design consideration that architects give to passive materials and details,” writes columnist Blaine Brownell, AIA, in his recent look at how the Internet of Things is reshaping space. [ARCHITECT]

The MIT Media Lab’s new academic journal is anything but—the Journal of Design and Science (JoDS) swaps traditional peer review for open-access editing and annotations, and doesn’t require a submissions fee. [Wired]

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The city of Las Vegas is partnering with New York–based EnGoPlanet to install the startup’s street lights, which are powered by solar and kinetic energy, on some of the city’s sidewalks. [Gizmag]

Hong Kong–based photographer Andy Yeung used a drone to capture the bustling city from above. [Designboom]

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A team of researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico, and the University of Milano-Bicocca, in Italy, are a step closer to commercializing windows that can generate electricity from solar energy. [U.S. Department of Energy]