Following the launch of its ChefJet series of 3D printers for edibles at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 3D Systems, a leading maker of additive manufacturing tech, announced a partnership with the Hershey Company to “explore and develop” better ways to 3D print food—including chocolate and other confections. Draw up plans for your choco-river now.

Researchers at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute at the University of Louisville in Kentucky say the world’s first 3D-printed human heart is less than a decade away from its inaugural rhythmic beats. Made from the regenerative cells of its recipient, each heart will be printed as a single unit using a printer custom designed by the research team. Estimated printing time: three hours.

... Babies?
A Sunnyvale, Calif.–based startup called 3D Babies is attempting to cash in on the boundless joy of expectant parents with printed models of their forthcoming offspring made using ultrasound and sonogram images. Prices for models offered in three skin-tone colors range from $200 to $800, depending on the size—life, half, or mini.