In 2008, Mark Ovenden designed the World Metro Map you see here. Like all subway maps, it's definitely short on geographic accuracy. But that misses the bigger picture, which is that an interconnected, worldwide transportation could, maybe, be possible, given the appropriate technology and political will and determination. Well, writes Mike Brown for Inverse, the appropriate technology might be on its way. Elon Musk's idea for a pneumatic-tube-esque Hyperloop system has spurred a bunch of startups to work on the technology, and one of them, Hyperloop One, has selected 35 teams as finalists in its design competition and will begin the process of narrowing that further, The Hyperloop and its future tech, writes Brown, has the chance to rewrite the standard of transportation. "It’s the sort of time savings that could reshape the global economy, and with an intercontinental transit network, could allow for rapid Europe-Asia trips in a matter of hours." Read Mike Brown's full story over at Inverse.

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