The Next Normal


What's Next for Architecture?

Essays by Kermit Baker, Paul Nakazawa, and Kiel Moe; interviews with Michael Graves, Andrés Duany, and others; BIM, ROI, and much more.


Your Practice Isn't Perfect

Architecture firms are generally inefficient. Would a layer of paraprofessionals help? What about a more holistic approach to crises?

You Dream of a Dictator

Where's Robert Moses? These days, it’s tempting to crave an all-powerful champion of design. But be careful what you wish for.


Your Smart Buildings Aren't That Smart

Our ancestors did fine without AC and dimmers. Should the profession’s efforts to go green require the use of more technology?

Your Clients Are Really Old

As America’s 76 million baby boomers reach retirement, what they need—and want—in their living arrangements will change dramatically.


Your Architecture Is a Commodity

Nobody becomes an architect out of a love for business. But recessions have strange ways of making designers try to think like MBAs.

You Can Do Better

Stop complaining, says Bruce Mau. It's a great time to be an architect.



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