The 2014 R+D Awards

2014 R+D Awards

2014 R+D Awards

The jury picked nine projects, products, and processes as winners in this year's competition.

Award: One Fold

Award: One Fold

Patkau Architects creates shelter from sheet metal in one elegant move.

Award: NYC Loop

Award: NYC Loop

FXFowle Architects reinvents the phone booth for the 21st century.

Award: Building Bytes

Award: Building Bytes

DesignLabWorkshop founder Brian Peters brings the simple brick into the age of digital modeling and parametric scripting.

The Exo Structural Tower was built based on intuition and physical mock-ups, but Do|Su Studio Architecture hopes to develop digital data models to optimize the material thickness, dimensions, and shape of each piece in the assembly.

Award: Exo Structural Tower

Do|Su Studio Architecture founder Doris Sung aims to create smart architecture that can self-assemble.

Award: Afterhouse

Award: Afterhouse

A task force recommended that the city of Detroit demolish 40,000 dilapidated houses to stave off continuing blight. Archolab has a better and more cost-efficient plan.

Award: Breaking the Mold

Award: Breaking the Mold

HouMinn Practice creates one-off panels with minimal waste, energy, and material.

Citation: New York City Streetlight

Citation: New York City Streetlight

The Office for Visual Interaction, Thomas Phifer and Partners, and Werner Sobek bring beauty and efficiency to a ubiquitous fixture.

Citation: C-Lith

Citation: C-Lith

Area explores the potential of carbon fiber, a lightweight, high-strength material.

Honorable Mention: Timber Tower Research Project

Honorable Mention: Timber Tower Research Project

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill believes that a high-rise made of engineered wood would be better for the environment. Now they have to convince everyone else.


Prism Tower Prism Tower

Christian de Portzamparc

CitySpaces MicroPAD CitySpaces MicroPAD

Panoramic Interests

Burrawong House Burrawong House

Bijl Architecture

S:t Erik Indoor Park S:t Erik Indoor Park

Utopia Arkitekter

The Big Bend The Big Bend

Oiio Studio

Lincoln Park House Lincoln Park House

HBRA Architects

Bosjes Chapel Bosjes Chapel

Steyn Studio

One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

Studios Architecture

1 Hillside 1 Hillside

Tim Cuppett Architects

Concrete at Alserkal Avenue Concrete at Alserkal Avenue

Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

Shaolin Flying Monks Temple Shaolin Flying Monks Temple

Mailitis Architects

New York at Its Core New York at Its Core

Studio Joseph

Oberholz Mountain Hut Oberholz Mountain Hut

Peter Pichler Architecture

Giacomo Zanella Primary School Giacomo Zanella Primary School

Giulia de Appolonia

De Maria Pavilion De Maria Pavilion

Gluckman Tang Architects

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