Up and Running


Up and Running: Informed Decisions for Investing in the Future

How can you find the right space and the appropriate tools at a reasonable price to guarantee that the investments you make will be beneficial for your firm?


Up and Running: Financial Basics For Your New Firm

Hanging out your shingle with high-minded design goals won’t mean much if you can’t stay in business. These simple suggestions can help you keep your firm financially afloat.


Incorporating Your Practice

There are numerous ways to incorporate your business, so which one is right for your young firm? We run through the options with you.


How to Structure Your Firm

The keys to writing an effective position statement and figuring out what kind of firm you want to be.


How to Draft A Business Plan

Get your firm up and running with these four tips.


Should I Start My Own Architecture Firm?

A primer to help you decide when—and if—you should hang out your shingle.