Checking In with SCAD’s Parking-Garage Micro Community

A year since its debut, the modular housing units that comprise the Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) SCADpad project continue to occupy the fourth floor of a parking garage at the school’s Atlanta campus. While in town for the AIA Convention in May, ARCHITECT talked with Christian Sottile, AIA, dean of SCAD’s School of Building Arts, about the project’s ongoing evolution. The grid-tied modules—which were temporarily occupied by SCAD staff, students, and invited guests from April to June 2014 under a short-term residency permit from the City of Atlanta—show the result of an interdisciplinary design effort among SCAD students, staff, and alumni, with features including material installations on the floors and walls, Internet-connected lighting and phase-changing windows, as well as composting and a community garden.