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  • New research reflects a steady increase in the public’s understanding of the value of green building features.

  • Water heaters, solar roofing, and a low-flow kitchen faucet among this year’s honorees from EcoHome’s sister publication

  • What is the largest moving device in a house that gets used at least two or three times a day? The correct answer: the garage door. Not only is it big and useful, manufacturers are working hard to make it attractive, too.

  • These days, you can't swing a hammer without hitting a product marketing itself as "green." But while the sustainable building trend is one that's often as good for the bottom line as it is for environment, all this bandwagon-jumping can lead to greenwashing, leaving many pros and consumers confused--and wary.

  • Whether you're interested in working in a more environmentally friendly way or not, soon the interior paint you use–no matter where you live–may be a greener product. That's already true for a chunk of California and a large part of the Northeast, where stringent regulations over the last few years have ratcheted down the volatile organic compound (VOC) content permitted in paint and other coatings.

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