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  • Made just like a SIPs panel, E-Rim Insulated Rimboard consists of a sandwich of OSB and polyurethane foam, providing a tightly sealed, R-14 barrier around the beltline. According to the firm, the product is 20 times more airtight than conventional rimboard, and tested thermal performance is 12% better than a conventional system. E-Rim is available in all standard floor joist sizes. 866.363.7267.

  • Made with OSB sandwiching an EPS core, the Insulspan SIP System comes pre-cut and ready to install as walls, floors, and roofs. A 6?1/2-inch wall panel offers a nominal R-value of 21.1; a 101/4-inch roof panel provides a nominal R-value of 35.1. The company offers special-order SIPs using FSC-certified OSB.517.486.4844.

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