Katie Gloede

Katie Gloede is on the Radar Desk Data Studio team working with Metrostudy to integrate housing data across the Hanley Wood brands. 

Katie Gloede's Posts

  • If existing in a small space is sustainable, doing it with the reuse of a tree trunk has to be one of the lowest impact lifestyles around.

  • Available in six floor plans, new modular designs from this collaborative effort offer a number of streamlined sustainable features at affordable prices.

  • Researchers at Columbia University have developed small devices capable of generating a renewable form of electricity from evaporation. The devices could be built larger scale and eventually create a form of energy that is not only completely renewable, but keeps moisture close to earth as evaporation increases with climate change.

  • Maximize options for glazing on a building façade can be the best option to reduce heating and lighting costs, but as a Duke University green building has found, bird deaths are an unintended consequence of a lot of glazing.

  • Where are the best places to build tiny? Many state regulations and lack of resources prevent easily owning and living in a tiny house, but a few are jumping right on the tiny trend and making it easier for people to live in small, sustainable homes. Here are five states with a wealth of builders, communities, and resources all in favor of welcoming members of the tiny house movement.

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