2009 Residential Architect Design Awards

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the bayou district at park city, new orleans

When Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans, it devastated the already deteriorating St. Bernard Housing Development. Fast-track plans to demolish and rebuild the area resulted in this design our judges calle More

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truro dune house, truro, mass.

The owners of this Cape Cod acreage want to take advantage of its ocean views and white sand beach without damaging the delicate dunes. More

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laidley street residence, san francisco

Lise de Vito and Jim Zack, AIA, lavished attention on the design of the skylight-topped staircase in their San Francisco townhouse. More

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kokoris residence, san francisco

Architect Mark Jensen, AIA, took the goal of curb appeal seriously with this... More

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riverbank residence, stamford, conn.

Joeb Moore, AIA, intended this white-and-stainless steel kitchen to both please and surprise. More

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live, dine, sleep, reno, nev.

For his own home and kitchen, Jack Hawkins, AIA, LEED AP, “wanted to see how small we could live.” More

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reykjavik, iceland

The owner of this penthouse pied-à-terre overlooking the Atlantic Ocean uses it primarily to entertain business colleagues. More

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writer's studio, ghent, n.y.

A dark, quiet, enigmatic shape in the woods, this building responds to a very simple program. More

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tower house, leander, texas

Rather than remodel an old one-bedroom cottage as their main house, a Texas couple asked Andersson•Wise Architects to convert it into communal living space and to build this new tower for sleeping quarters adjacen More

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the shack at hinkle farm, upper tract, w.v.

After purchasing 27 acres of land in Upper Tract, W.V., Jeffery Broadhurst, AIA, thought long and hard about what to put there. He ultimately came up with a “shack” that may be a step up from camping but still has arc More


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