Why should I upload a project?
There are plenty of reasons to share your project at We’ve made you a couple of lists:

Benefits for Architects: Why should I upload projects?

  • It increases your level of visibility: This is especially advantageous for students or up-and-coming companies. At our website, your content will be seen by exactly the audience you need it to be seen by.
  • It’s a way for ARCHITECT editors to see your work: That gives you another way to get projects in front of editors from ARCHITECT and other Hanley Wood magazines so that they can consider your work for publication or other types of editorial coverage.
  • You get your own home page: When you post, your firm name becomes a tag that people can search for on our site. That’ll lead them to a page full of only your projects: your very own portfolio.
  • You can create a “project diary”: We know it take a long time for projects to make it from the drawing board to the ribbon cutting. On our site, you can update your project profile with new renderings, construction photos, and information updates at every step of the way.
  • Once you share on our website, sharing on other sites is just a click away: We can help you post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Benefits for Manufacturers: Why should I care?

  • Just like for architects, it increases your level of visibility
  • It gives you a place to display your case studies. Nothing shows off your product better to architects than showing how it works successfully in a project.
  • Architects are posting which products they’re using in their projects, so through the tags you can also track where your products are being used.
  • Architects will be more likely to buy from you rather than an unknown manufacturer when they are able to see how your product looks and how it can be used on a case-by-case basis.


Who can upload a project?
Architects, designers, students, manufacturers, and firms and companies of all sizes. In short, anyone with an interest in architecture and a couple of good-quality images.

Do I have to be subscribed to the magazine or newsletter to make an account or upload a project?
No, you don’t have to be subscribed. Registering on the site is absolutely free. Registering also gives you access to all the great content ARCHITECT and its sister sites have to offer.

What should I do if I want to register but am not affiliated with a business?
If you are a student, homeowner, or otherwise independent, you can just describe your affiliation in the “other” section of the registration form.

What is my display name, and what is it for?
Your display name is the name that shows up when you post a project (we do not show users your real name, unless you make your display name your real name). It's like having a username on any other website. Users can click your display name to visit your profile page and see your other projects and professional information. Keep in mind that once you choose your display name, you can’t change it!

Do I have to log in with my Hanley Wood ID?
Not if you don’t want to. You can also log in with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest ID. Just know that each time you login to the site, you will need to log in the same way. IE - If you created an account via Facebook, you will need to login with Facebook the next time you enter the site.

I can't log in! What do I do?
Please clear your browser's cache and history. Then, open a new window and log in again. We also suggest using Chrome or Firefox as your browser, as those work best with our system.

Why do I have to be 13 or older?
Because of COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. It’s required by some of our software, such as the image uploader.


How do I add a project?
If you haven’t already, you need to register with our site. After that, click the PROJECTS tab at the top. When on the projects screen, click Create a Project under the page's banner photo.

What if I don’t see my photos?
That might mean there’s a problem with the photo you uploaded. A photo has to be:

  • 10 MB or less
  • A .jpeg, .gif, or .png file
  • It has to have a RGB color profile (we don’t support CMYK)

Other things to keep in mind:

  • We display images at a 3:2 ratio on our site, so wide-format images may be cropped.
  • You can also only upload 30 images at a time. If your images are larger, try uploading them in smaller batches or one at a time.

Please note: In can take up to two (2) business days for images and changes to your project to appear on our site. So, if you don't see your photos right away, please check back later. If you still don't see them after two business days, contact our help desk. Thanks for your patience!

My upload was unsuccessful. What happened?
It is likely that the page timed out due to user inactivity. Please contact our help desk with the name of your project and your username so we can assist you.

How do I edit my photos once they’ve been uploaded? Do I have to upload them again?
After you've uploaded your photos, the only edits you can make are to the image credit and caption. If you want to edit or reorder your photos, you will need to remove the old images and upload them again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I make an image my display image for my project?
The first image you upload will be the display image for the project. Be sure to upload the display image first, as there's no way to reorder photos after you've uploaded them.

Why won’t my project upload?
If the site won’t let you upload, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure you’ve filled in every required field on the form (marked with a blue asterisk)
  • Check for spaces before or after data in the “cost” and “size” areas, as the website doesn’t recognize those spaces as numbers
  • If you've left your page alone for too long, our uploader may have timed out, which means your project won't upload.

Finally, changes can sometimes take up to two business days to appear on our site. Thank you in advance for your patience!

I want to remove a project from my profile. How do I do that?
Only a member of our staff can remove projects. Please contact us about removing a project and include the link to the project in your email

If I upload my project, does it disqualify me from getting published in the magazine?
Quite the opposite! As said above, uploading to our website lets the magazine staff see what you’re doing. If you never post they’ll never know, but if they get to see your work and like it, they’ll contact you about publication.

My question isn't here! Who do I talk to?
Please contact our help desk at [email protected]. If you're having a problem with a specific project, please include the name of the project you're having problems with, your firm name, and your username in your message.