St. Aloysius Church in Jackson by Erdy McHenry Architecture.
Courtesy Erdy McHenry Architecture St. Aloysius Church in Jackson by Erdy McHenry Architecture.

The new Church of Saint Aloysius tells the story of its purpose through its architectural expression. Two significant conceptual explorations gave form to the design for this church: “re-pitching the tent,” expressed in the delicate soaring roof lines evoking the concept of simple worship and the Four Devotions of Saint Aloysius: Blessed Sacrament, Passion of Our Lord, Love of Our Lady, and Choir of Angels, which sit within the church adjacent to the large concrete buttresses anchoring the roof. The hyperbolic paraboloid roof is used most often as an inexpensive solution to long-span roof requirements. As such, it is used for utilitarian purposes, such as sports arenas and athletic facilities. Both the project team and the owner were enamored with the elegance of its form and the fluid lines consistent with those that one might expect to see in a fabric tent. The tent of St. Aloysius Church is fabricated from standing seam metal panels. For more details and images of St. Aloysius Church, visit ARCHITECT's Project Gallery

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