Three teams have received Outstanding Awards, and $10,000 each, in “Idea for Action: Kaohsiung,” an international urban design ideas competition for Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in Taiwan. The competition, sponsored by the city’s Urban Development Bureau and the International Urban Development Association, sought plans from designers born after 1970.

Liu Tao, from Taiwan, won for his proposal “[infinity LAB],” which would control the coastal city’s hot climate by better integrating its wetlands system and by creating a green axis along Kaohsiung’s barren industrial zones. Nicole Huang and Dary Hsu, also from Taiwan, won for “Canal City,” which would convert the city into a Taiwanese Venice through a carefully planned waterway design linking the city’s many canals with the Zuoying Caogong Canal. Bayu Andalas, from Indonesia, won for “Migrant Workers’ Breathing Edge in Kaohsiung City,” which would turn vacant lands into new urban centers for the city’s many foreign workers, using buildings whose forms are adopted from the shape of a Chinese lantern.