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  • David Brininstool
  • Brad Lynch

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Established in Chicago in 1989, Brininstool + Lynch has brought innovation and vision to a diverse range of projects since its founding. The firm’s work is rooted in the architectural legacy of Chicago, and in that pragmatic tradition, the approach is driven as much by process as it is by product, with an eye to creating architecture of our time that is enduring.

As the practice has evolved, the range of projects has become larger and more diverse, but regardless of type, the commitment to developing an innovative yet functional design remains steadfast. The firm’s work is flexible, sustainable, and rational; achieved through a mastery of, and a rigorous approach to materials and detail. Always evident, regardless of project type, is the care paid to the composition of space, particularly with joinery and the play between dark and light, transparent and opaque, soft and hard.

Sustainable building practices are implemented as a matter of principle and practicality, with the profound awareness that both the planet’s natural resources and the client’s financial resources are precious. Beyond labels, checklists and trends, the firm is focused on creating work that meets the needs of their clients, has long-term relevance, is easily maintainable, and contributes responsibly to the surrounding environment.

Brininstool + Lynch has completed more than two hundred and fifty building projects, representing more than fourteen million square feet of built work in excess of $3 billion of construction value. The firm is the recipient of over fifty major design awards, including twenty-eight Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architects, three American Architecture Awards and honored as an Emerging Voice in architecture by the Architectural League of New York. Brininstool + Lynch is regularly featured in both national and international design publications.


  1. 710 W. Grand

    710 W. Grand

    Chicago, IL

  2. 1345 S. Wabash

    1345 S. Wabash

    Chicago, IL

  3. West Side Corridor

    West Side Corridor

    Chicago, IL, USA

  4. Silo


    Toronto, CANADA

  5. Paranapiacaba


    Paranapiacaba, BRAZIL

  6. Meyer Residence

    Meyer Residence

    Morris, IL, USA

  7. Award Winning Perimeter Gallery, Chicago

    Perimeter Gallery, Chicago

    Chicago, IL, USA

  8. Perimeter Gallery, New York City

    Perimeter Gallery, New York City

    New York City, NY, USA

  9. Brininstool + Lynch Offices

    Brininstool + Lynch Offices

    Chicago, IL, USA

  10. Coffou Apartment

    Coffou Apartment

    Chicago, IL, USA

  11. Arup SoundLab

    Arup SoundLab

    Chicago, IL, USA

  12. 1720 S. Michigan

    1720 S. Michigan

    Chicago, IL, USA

  13. The Fifth

    The Fifth

    Royal Oak, MI, USA

  14. VSA Partners

    VSA Partners

    Chicago, IL, USA

  15. Sterling Partners

    Sterling Partners

    Chicago, USA

  16. Guggenheim Helsinki Competition

    Guggenheim Helsinki Competition

    Helsinki, FINLAND

  17. 1345 South Wabash

    1345 South Wabash

    Chicago, Illinois

  18. Award Winning Lincoln Building

    Lincoln Building

    Syracuse, NY, United States

  19. United Airlines B18 Red Carpet Club

    United Airlines B18 Red Carpet Club

    Chicago, IL

  20. Award Winning Racine Art Museum

    Racine Art Museum

    Racine, WI, United States

  21. R+D 659

    R+D 659

    Chicago, IL

  22. Award Winning Enova


    Chicago, IL

  23. Coffou Cottage

    Coffou Cottage

    Michigan City, IN, United States

  24. Carus Residence

    Carus Residence

    Peru, IL, United States

  25. 550 St. Clair

    550 St. Clair

    Chicago, IL, United States

  26. 1620 South Michigan

    1620 South Michigan

    Chicago, IL, United States

  27. Basecamp


    Chicago, IL

  28. Award Winning Claremont House

    Claremont House

    Chicago, IL, United States

  29. Tiny Lounge

    Tiny Lounge

    Chicago, IL, United States

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