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Firm Description

“Sehw stands for meaningfulness, emotion, attitude and change.”

Our mission: building architecture sustainably, thinking innovatively and creating social added value.

“Sehw stands for an aesthetic of sustainability in architecture.”

We are already planning today for the generation of tomorrow and beyond. Because for us, sustainable architecture means forward-looking planning and the development of sustainable utilization concepts.

In times of rapid climate change, we are committed to resource-conserving construction methods and the use of renewable energies. Recyclable building materials and circular economy are the basis for a long life cycle and corresponding sustainability certifications of our buildings.

We value and protect existing structures and materials. Every type of building stock is a valuable resource for us, which we treat respectfully and responsibly – from architectural monuments to post-war housing estates.

Social and architectural goals are just as important to us as profit objectives and recoverability, without seeing a contradiction in this. We treat every building project with the same attention – regardless of whether it’s a socially deprived area or an economically powerful innovation quarter. This increases resilience to external influences and social change.

“Sehw develops architectures for special uses in special locations.”

In times of change, we create stability with innovative architecture that is open to all types of technology. Together with clients and users, we develop strategically relevant, socially and economically effective concepts.

Innovation arises in interdisciplinary exchange with scientists, educators and sociologists, among others. For us, innovation means finding an appropriate, individual solution for each project in integral planning processes – from timber to hybrid construction, from low-tech solutions to artificial intelligence.

In every building task and at every location, we search for hidden potentials, develop special qualities and open up entrepreneurial opportunities. Our architecture provides an innovative impulse for the sustainable development of neighbourhoods and cities.

“Sehw is architecture as the design of social practice.”

With value-based architecture, we develop effective and sustainable building projects that create meaning and give people security and joy – always accompanied by a high level of attentiveness towards individual and social requirements.

We understand architecture as a responsibility for society as a whole. The qualities of our projects emerge from interdisciplinary collaboration and a participatory development process.

We see that architecture can positively influence thinking, acting and feeling. We understand our architectural contribution as a seed for a democratic, tolerant and social society.

“Sehw places seed bombs in the heart of society’s future.”


  1. The Copper Coil - E-Technology Centre of the University of Rostock

    The Copper Coil - E-Technology Centre of the University of Rostock

    Rostock, GERMANY

  2. Inclusive School Centre Döbern

    Inclusive School Centre Döbern

    Döbern, GERMANY

  3. Gustav Heinemann Comprehensive School

    Gustav Heinemann Comprehensive School

    Essen, GERMANY

  4. Weitblick Innovation Campus

    Weitblick Innovation Campus

    Augsburg, GERMANY

  5. Cafeteria IZS Stuttgart

    Cafeteria IZS Stuttgart

    Stuttgart, GERMANY

  6. Jungfernsee Elementary School

    Jungfernsee Elementary School

    Potsdam, GERMANY

  7. The Institute of Sports and Sports Science

    The Institute of Sports and Sports Science

    Karlsruhe, GERMANY

  8. Mühlenstraße


    Berlin, GERMANY

  9. Apartment with a view

    Apartment with a view

    Berlin, GERMANY

  10. Shared Living

    Shared Living

    Berlin, GERMANY

  11. Reanimation - A28

    Reanimation - A28

    Berlin, GERMANY

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