2017 Issues

January-February 2017 January-February 2017

INSIDE: Quantifying Circadian Light • Urban Advocacy • London's Gasholder Park • Roger Narboni on the Future of the City at Night • Photographer Lynn Saville Captures the Rare Quietude in Sleeping Cities • One-on-One with Linnaea Tillett

March-April 2017 March-April 2017

INSIDE: Light Festivals • New Materials and Technologies • Horticultural Lighting • James Carpenter on the Intersection of Art and Light •
Hillman Hall at Washington University in St. Louis • One-on-One with Domingo Gonzalez

May-June 2017 May-June 2017

ANNUAL PRODUCT ISSUE: The Transformation of Light
INSIDE: 160-plus New Products Across 14 Categories • Li-Fi • Horticultual Lighting • Industry Voices • One-on-One with Enlighted's Joe Costello

July-August 2017 July-August 2017

FOURTEENTH ANNUAL AL LIGHT & ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AWARDS: 14 winning projects show the versatility, creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in lighting design firms around the world.

INSIDE: How Best to Grow Your Lighting Practice •
Bruce Munro: Light at Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens •
One-on-One with David Ghatan of CM Kling + Associates

September-October 2017 September-October 2017

INSIDE: AMA Blue Light Controversy • Saturated Color Exposure • Lighting Controls • Rand Elliott on Color, Light, and Place • One-on-One with Cheryl English

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