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The Time for Transparency

It's just a matter of time before product transparency pervades the supply chain. More

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The Architect in the Machine

Digital fabrication is blurring the line between design and building. Three projects reveal its potential—and a few growing pains. More

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Cities of Tomorrow

Slums and squatter villages show many of the earmarks associated with sustainable development and could point the way to create the cities of tomorrow. More

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Preparing Design Award Submissions

Design award programs and competitions have longed played an integral role in the architecture and lighting design professions. Recognition of one's work, whether by professional organizations and/or peers, is an important measure for both individual professional development and collective growth of these design disciplines. But the decision to submit a project (or projects) is not a casual endeavor. Numerous resources, primarily time and money, go into each project submission, and there is no guarantee that the effort will be rewarded. More

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Color is in fashion. From product design to lighting applications to architecture, color is everywhere.

What role does color, and color illumination play in contemporary design? How does technology influencing the use of color in lighting applications, building materials, and technologies? How do cultural differences--perception and meaning associated with color impact the use of or non-use of color in architectural and lighting design? Has the use of color become too prolific? More

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