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Product Review: Cabinetry

Cabinets are only as green as the sum of their parts. More

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Frameless Cabinets from Woodharbor

Woodharbor. CastPointe frameless cabinetry is crafted with Environmentally Preferred Products made from 100% recycled material and compliant with California CARB regulations for formaldehyde emissions. The cabinetry is available with a low-VOC, formaldehyde-free topcoat available in 38 spray stain color combinations and 32 spray stain/glaze color combinations. 641.423.0444. More

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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Offers A Low-Carb Plan For Chicago

The first phase of the Chicago Central Area Decarbonization Plan focuses on eight key strategies to meet the city’s carbon emissions reduction goals. More

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Senate Bill Would Establish Formaldehyde Ceilings for Composite Wood Products

Modeled after CARB regulations, the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Act would limit formaldehyde levels, require third-party certification. More

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CARB Regulations on Composite Wood Panels Take Effect Jan. 1

Manufacturers of hardwood plywood, particleboard, and MDF must reduce formaldehyde emissions. More

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VOC-free paints and natural paints provide eco-friendly options with comparable performance

Natural and VOC-free paints are gaining ground as Earth-friendly options that deliver comparable performance to conventional coatings. More

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