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Coolerado's Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

Coolerado's super-efficient air conditioner can now be set up to run off of PV panels. More

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High-Performance Air Conditioner by Coolerado

Often mistaken as an evaporative cooler because of their high efficiency, Coolerado’s high-performance air conditioners rely on patented heat and mass exchangers that reject heat from buildings via evaporative cooling through channels and plates in each unit. The company’s residential model R600 achieves EER greater than 40, delivering 5 tons of cooling while drawing only 600 watts, according to its specs. That’s just one-fifth to one-tenth the amount of electricity used by typical air conditioners. And because Coolerado’s units deliver cooled, filtered, fresh air into the home at the ideal humidity level, occupant comfort level increases compared to traditional air conditioners that re-circulate the same dry air during operation. 303.375.0878. More

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