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King's Cross Station Western Concourse

London / John McAslan + Partners More

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Hall of Fame: Will Bruder, AIA

After more than five decades spent steeped in architecture, Will Bruder is one of the profession's truest of true believers. More

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Wichita, Kansas

Known for its aircraft manufacturing, this Midwestern city has expanded while the rest of the economy has stalled. More

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Rural Georgia College Dorm Achieves LEED Silver

200 students now housed in state-of-the-art facility. More

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Nonprofit Architectural Organizations Weathering the Recession

Nonprofits aren't insulated from for-profit problems, especially in a recession like this one. More

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quiet time

It goes without saying that doing an attached multifamily project is a world apart from designing a custom home. After taming site conditions, an architect must tackle such key issues as structure and energy. Less obvious but equally important: noise transmission, a consideration that has become increasingly more significant and something that no architect can afford to ignore. More

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