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Sleeping Beauty – Designing for Better Rest and Productivity

Dr. Whitney Gray shares her insights on the importance of sleep for healthy living. More

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Does Health in Housing Make Business Sense?

Jason McLennan addresses the HIVE audience with ideas on how to marry health and... More

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How the WELL Building Standard is Impacting Design

The standard is making inroads in the AE industry, but what effect will it have on... More

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Sensor Technology and Data Drive Future Design

Several experts weigh in on how housing can benefit from real-time data streams. More

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The Well Living Lab Attempts to Connect Human Health With Buildings

Though the high-tech facility can monitor some of the quantitative effects of... More

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HOK Announces New Partnership with Delos

The global architecture, engineering, and planning firm will combine efforts with... More

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Weightless Washroom

With invisible fittings, the console is accented by a mirror with reflective sides, an extra-white glass shelf, and non-glare LED Lighting to give a look of lightness or weightlessness, the company says. More

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