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Why Sustainability Needs Experimentation And a Bit More Risk

Hanley Wood Sustainability Council members Blaine Brownell and Dennis Wedlick explore the push-pull dynamic between product development and high-performance design, and call for more experimentation between now and 2020. More

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Book Review: Classic & Modern: Signature Styles

Alan Barlis and Dennis Wedlick's new book illustrates the breadth of their firm's range and the depth of their fluency. More

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Arjun Desai and Katherine Chia Are True Urban Interventionists

Since its launch, Desai/Chia Architecture’s focus has been on finding creativity in the city’s constrained spaces, but building in New York offers a framework for how to approach design anywhere. More

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A Better Green Building Standard?

The Passive House uses 83% less energy than the average home. More

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ra50: Dennis Wedlick Architect

Advocacy and client service are Dennis Wedlick Architect's top priorities. More

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New York's Hudson Valley Gets a Passive House From Dennis Wedlick Architect

Architect Dennis Wedlick hopes to spread the word about the advantages of passive house construction. More

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Changes in the Profession of Architecture

Design practice and culture are evolving, and BIM is a crucial part of changes in the profession of architecture. More

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chez boomers

We've heard a lot about baby boomers in the last decade or so, usually accompanied by phrases like “800-pound gorilla.” No wonder experts have been analyzing the weighty impact of this group in all arenas of modern life. More

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