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Architectural Lighting: The Case for More Research

At their essence, recent developments in lighting design have fundamental and... More

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This Week in Tech: IKEA to Collaborate with Little Sun to Create Off-the-Grid Lighting Solutions

Plus, WeWork develops pretty successful algorithms to automate space planning, the... More

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Teach Your Children Well … but What Does that Mean?

Architecture schools need to do a better job defining how their students should be... More

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Promising Innovations for the Lighting Profession

Eleven experts reveal the technologies that are changing their day-to-day... More

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The Daylight Award Honors Two Leading Practitioners

Marilyne Andersen and Steven Holl are honored for their contributions to the field... More

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Shared Educational Building at Paris-Saclay

Sou Fujimoto Architects, Manal Rachdi OXO Architectes , Nicolas Laisné Associés More

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Overheard at ACADIA: The Future of Architecture, Design, and Fabrication Lies in Computers

Technology leaders at the 34th annual Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture conference see programming, software development, and engineering as integral to next-gen architecture. More

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Architectural Echolocation

Researchers, inspired by the way that bats "hear" their physical surroundings,... More

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