Emerging Objects

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Product Manufacturers Are Looking to the Ocean for Resources

From composite building modules made from compressed seaweed to tiles crafted with... More

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Meet the Future of 3D-Printed Buildings

These prototype parts and systems are made of metal, concrete, and plastic and use... More

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Digifab Update: Architectural Applications for 3D Printing

Two Oakland, Calif.–based firms, Emerging Objects and Smith|Allen Studio, use additive manufacturing to bring new and standby materials in novel applications into the built space. More

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Material Focus

Oakland, Calif.–based Rael San Fratello builds full-scale models out of polymers developed by its materials collaborative, Emerging Objects. More

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Six Products That Wouldn’t Exist Without CNC-Milling or 3D-Printing

Advances in digital fabrication technologies help product designers to push the... More

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