Environmental Protection Agency

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This Week in Tech & Culture: Living With Wildfire

Plus, the EPA's plan to eliminate carbon emissions from cars, racial inequities in... More

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Congress' Spending Bill Gives the Environment a Break for Now

Architects looking to voice support for energy efficiency and research programs... More

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The Energy Crises of the 70s

The springboard for the environmental movement and energy awareness. More

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After 25 Years, EPA Fixes Water Pollution Program

Gasoline and diesel is stored in tanks and conveyed via pipelines buried under the... More

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University of California Riverside Researchers Develop Reusable Paper

Letters and patterns can be printed in color-changing dye atop a plastic film or... More

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Wearable Air Monitor Kicks Pollution to the Curb

AirBeam is a palm-sized air quality sensor that works with AirCasting to monitor pollution in any environment you find yourself in. More

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