Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Specification Review: Seven Properties to Seek in Exterior Steel Doors

Here's what architects and designers should look for when selecting a sturdy... More

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NIBS Finds Investment in Resilient Design Can Pay Off By More Than Sixfold

A new report by the National Institute of Building Sciences calculates the... More

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Damage Control: Saving Lives and the Buildings That Serve Them

Designing above and beyond seismic building codes can help to save lives and recovery costs by ensuring that structures remain both upright and functional after an earthquake. More

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Community Organizers

Some thoughts on how our industry addresses the social responsibility leg of sustainability's three-legged stool. More

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The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program Has Developed a New Model for Rescue Housing

With its livable, regional style Mississippi Cottage the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program has developed a new model for rescue housing: a transitional dwelling that can become a permanent home. More

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New Orleans

Four years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is slowly battling back, thanks to federal dollars, disaster relief block grants, and tax credits. More

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Trailer Troubles

The temporary housing provided to hurricane Katrina and Rita victims by FEMA is at the center of a lawsuit alleging excessive formaldehyde levels in the trailers and mobile homes. More

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Sites, blog posts, and other web items of interest. More


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