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Architect Stephen Kanner Dies at 54

Architect Stephen H. Kanner, principal of Los Angeles-based Kanner Architects and founder and president of the city's Architecture + Design Museum, died of pancreatic cancer on July 2. More

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on the boards / green in accra

California-based Stephen H. Kanner, FAIA, has expanded his practice to another West coast—the one in Africa. Accra, the capital of Ghana, has captured both his attention and his creative passion. More

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canyon view office/guesthouse, los angeles

Few people enjoy sitting in traffic, especially in smog-ridden Los Angeles, yet many people like perching in a tree house. Stephen Kanner, FAIA, relieved this homeowner’s frustrating commute by designing a home office inspired by a neighboring tree house. More

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Hot House

This house in hot, hip Palm Springs, Calif., won an award for unbuilt projects from the Los Angeles chapter of the AIA. More

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